Winterbackwoods Oy is a Finnish investment company that makes seed-type investments in start-ups. In addition, we offer the companies consultation in the early stages of operations. We provide assistance in starting digital online sales and commercializing SaaS services. We also invest in existing companies that want to innovate and grow through a new digital growth strategy.

Seed Investments

Winterbackwoods makes investments of up to €50,000. The first investment is usually about half of the total investment. Winterbackwoods invests in Finnish start-ups. The start-up company usually has at least a high-quality solution as well as many early customers. Industries include SaaS, e-commerce, and other subscription-based B2B services.

The product should have a neutral or positive effect on some of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.



We offer tailored services that complement a start-up’s core business according to their needs. Our goal is to ensure that investments are used wisely, and that the company’s support functions do not take money away from growth and innovation investments.

Our services include an office, human resources and financial services, and also various call-center and customer support type services.


We hire young experts with the potential to grow into leadership roles. The job may take you to one of our portfolio companies, and your career may be found in the world of interesting start-ups. There are many opportunities.

We are constantly looking for students in the fields of economics, technology, and software engineering.

The job can be part-time or full-time.

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