Services supporting your business – designed to be a good fit for startup companies

Big companies buy from big suppliers and small ones buy from small ones – from whom does the startup buy? Startup is a growth company, initially small but growing rapidly. We are born from the needs of early-stage startups, whether it’s investment or business support, we help.

Services for startups

We know startups, not just because we invest in them, but because we are born from their needs. Winterbackwoods Group’s associated companies, such as Louhi, Pilvi and SaaShop, are all small growth companies. Their needs of operational efficiency have guided the formation of our service offering. We’ve commercialized the basic supporting services and some expert services that most startups need at some point in their growth.

Early-stage startups (Pre-seed / Seed) cannot hire its own resource for every need. Often, a company spends a lot of time finding and selecting suitable partners (or employees). The size of the partner and the way it operates may be oversized and misfit for the early stage company.

Spending into support functions can be miscalculated or oversized if the founders of the startup do not have experience in that area of ​​business.

Our job is not to make a profit from the services we sell but to minimize unnecessary losses for the start-up company.

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